Energy Management

Reduce Bills and Eliminate Electrical Waste with Expert Energy Management Services

energy-mgt-imgIf your property isn’t energy efficient, you’re not just throwing money away — you’re also wasting valuable natural resources, increasing the size of your footprint without any functional benefits whatsoever.

Energy management services from J.B. Holden Electrical provide an eco-friendly alternative by eliminating inefficiencies and enhancing the stability of your electrical systems. As a leading electrical contractor in the Greater Toronto Area, we are fully qualified to diagnose issues, perform repairs and take all other relevant steps to limit your monthly energy expenditures.

The process is simple, straightforward and affordable. Our teams perform a power factor and power quality analysis of existing devices and wiring, ensuring that your property is operating at peak efficiency. We recommend alternative technologies to reduce your consumption, identify key areas for improvement and work with you to help you realize your goals.

Build a Better Energy Management Plan with J.B. Holden Electrical

Whether you’re handling a new or existing project, J.B. Holden Electrical provides comprehensive energy management solutions for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings. We draw on more than 46 years of experience to give our clients an expert set of options. Call 416-614-3500 to get started.